Ramen Bar

Went to Ramen Bar in Eastwood, overall the ramen was good, the serving was large, 2 people can share but I licked the bowl clean. BUT my friends were not so impressed, they said that the ramen in Little Tokyo was way better. HOW the F would I know, haven't gotten the chance to, so far all I know is, Ramen Bar is awesome! Only one downside thoug, the noodles isn't that good and the serving is just too bitin.
Shoyu Ramen - soy infused tonkotsu broth with chasyu (pork slice), tamago (marinated egg--this is SO GOOD it's like gold that melts in your mouth), spring onionRBS #1 - soy infused tonkotsu broth with chasyu (pork slice), tamago (marinated egg--GOLD I tell ya), spring onion, kakuni (braised pork belly--this one is just pure joy, so tender), and loads of naruto(!)SO overall the difference of the shoyu from the RBS ramen was that the RBS has more meat and naruto. The tonkotsu broth is so flavorful, you just gotta slurp it all up.

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