Chocolate and Stroopwafels

The Royal Wedding Chocolate: made by Sweden's oldest chocolatier, Cloetta. Who got hitched? Princess Victoria. I love anything dark chocolate.
Gouda's Gilde Stroopwafels: What's the difference between the belgian crap you buy at gas stations? This one is amazingly rich, sticks to the roof of your mouth and really fresh.
who doesn't love bonbons?
Pan de Manila's Instant Hot Chocolate: I totally swear by this, equal parts milky and creamy and that heavenly, earthy chocolate, SO DAMN GOOD.


Camaron Rebosado

sweet and sour pork--the pinoy version of it, reminds you of the sweet and sour pork they serve in the cafeteria, comfort food at its best.
you can't go wrong with the simple fried egg on toast with freshly cracked pepper and heaps of tabasco. Also eaten for brunch/late night snack etc.
camaron rebosado (deep fried shrimp in batter), the texture of the breading is kinda like fried chicken's, oh how I miss the camaron at the old Savory!


Ramen Bar

Went to Ramen Bar in Eastwood, overall the ramen was good, the serving was large, 2 people can share but I licked the bowl clean. BUT my friends were not so impressed, they said that the ramen in Little Tokyo was way better. HOW the F would I know, haven't gotten the chance to, so far all I know is, Ramen Bar is awesome! Only one downside thoug, the noodles isn't that good and the serving is just too bitin.
Shoyu Ramen - soy infused tonkotsu broth with chasyu (pork slice), tamago (marinated egg--this is SO GOOD it's like gold that melts in your mouth), spring onionRBS #1 - soy infused tonkotsu broth with chasyu (pork slice), tamago (marinated egg--GOLD I tell ya), spring onion, kakuni (braised pork belly--this one is just pure joy, so tender), and loads of naruto(!)SO overall the difference of the shoyu from the RBS ramen was that the RBS has more meat and naruto. The tonkotsu broth is so flavorful, you just gotta slurp it all up.


Sizzling Pepper Steak

Had a little snack at Sizzling Pepper Steak at Trinoma, but seriously, I don't give a rat's ass for places like this along with Pepper Lunch, their main dish which is the sizzling pepper steak, isn't that special, you know. BUT. Since I love certain westernized jap food like the hamburger steak (who doesn't?), this is one dish you oughta try--SEAFOOD SPAGHETTI SOUP. Only weirdos like me loves this shit, the tomato soup/sauce is tangy and has a bite to it and the seafood sweet and fresh.AND some CHicken Katsu -- it was okay, I was craving this, the teriyaki sauce was kinda weird though, it was too strong for my taste.



Just when I thought I was finished with dinner (our yaya can cook a mean chicken/pork adobo), my biyenan brought us some Nathaniel's!! Yes, the Nathaniel's from Pampanga, man, good thing I always save room for dessert/another meal :D
Buko Pandan Salad-- a cult favorite, not too sweet, awesome as hell

Puto Pao with salted egg--the texture of this puto is perfect
Siomai--comes with their special toyo blend(think it was mixed with garlic and some spices), no fillers, just pure meat YUMMEH

Beurre Blanc

Dinner at Beurre Blanc in Resorts World, french-mediterranean fare, quite good, they're still on their soft opening. Great service, the staff were super attentive.
Pasta Sophia-it has panchetta and italian sausage, think it was cooked in red wine, so rich, delicious. Too bad I didn't get to finish it, had too much bread.Australian Garoupa(?)fillet--wonderful flaky fish, the serving was small though, the sauce was great.some italian sausage and breadand some tuna carpacciorisotto and tuna belly--super flavorful, the serving was hefty, the risotto was kinda under cooked, still yummy though.


Norwegian Wood (2010) Teaser


Chicken Biryani

Every weekend, I always go to my mom's house and eat like hell cos I get homesick like that, let's just say my mom doesn't got to the wet market and doesn't cook meals (they have a wonderful cook) but when she feels like it, she makes awesome shit!
ciabatta and some smoked goat cheese and swiss cheddar(?) the smoked goat cheese tastes like bacon oh yeahciabatta and chicken ala king with cheddar slice, I can eat like 6 of thischicken biryani with simple cucumber salad, so GOOD!


Pho Hoa

Pho Hoa: my first banh mi sandwich--vietnamese ham and pate--damn this is good, especially the pickled veggies, I don't know about the bread though, kinda chewy not enough crusty. And I wish I slathered this with sriracha sauce.


Almon Marina

Oh wow, Almon Marina is my ultimate sandwich place, my mom used to bring me here before in park square in Makati, (my mom is now converted to Cibo thanks to me) I don't know if it's still open, but the branch in Festival Mall is equally awesome.

THE Neptune sandwich: now this is a proper submarine sandwich! only 200 bucks wowcross section of this awesome sub--gruyere, cheddar, boiled eggs, olives, peppers, onions, cucumber, tomato, roast beef, roast chicken, smoked ham, salami on french bread! absolutely insane!pastrami on rye: gotta order this every time!!


Crispy Pata

Oh yes, Sunday lunch is always special. I sure love home cooking. Kinilaw na Tuna with Liempo--this is kinda like Ceviche style tuna with crispy pork bits--with loads of calamansi, vinegar, onions, ginger and chili peppers! And of course, crispy pata!!--pork leg triple deep fried--love that skin!!


Angel's Pizza

Angel's Pizza-excellent crust-I like the equal parts chewy and crispy. Loads of toppings. But there's only one thing that's bothering me...

...where the hell is the tomato sauce?? beats 3M and Lotsa Pizza as far as pizza takeout goes, oh and Angel's used to be a DOMINO'S. ;)


Pasta Salad

made this pasta salad for our little cookout, ended up making a shitload--tri-color fusili, tomatoes, red onion, cucumber, feta and italian vinaigrette. Yeah, it was a hit. There was also lumpia, pesto pasta, swedish meatballs, sushi and maki, tofu barbecue, tapioca pudding and pumpkin soup. Too bad I didn't take any photos, I was too smashed to take some.

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