Bi Bim Naengmyon (Cold Mixed Noodles)

made some bibim naengmyon (cold mixed noodles) real easy--mix gochujang(used the ready made sauce for dak gochujang boekum/braised chicken stew) for a milder flavor, sesame oil, brown sugar, honey and rice wine vinegar(substituted a teensy amount of apple cider vinegar) throw in some soba, carrots, cucumber and top with an egg. Sweet, tangy, nutty, there's also a lingering heat that is a real nice contrast to the crunchy veggies.


the kids are alright.

North Korea attacks South Korea with artillery

This is NOT good. Considering the in flux of Koreans here (you know, them studying English)do you think they would just drop everything and go home?

Holy Fuck - Red Lights

Hipster kittehs

UCC Cafe Terrace

lunch: tapsilog. short for TAPa(cured beef strips), SInangag(fried rice with garlic and itLOG(sunny side up egg). Eaten usally during breakfast, I prefer it during lunch, or after a boozing session. Our homemade tapsilog has the most perfect tapa--all sweet, sour, juicy, garlicky and crispy round the edges, a nice, runny egg and sinangag that been cooked in tapa leftover oil.UCC cafe terrace: tonkatsu sandwich. now this is great tonkatsu--great crunch, juicy inside, and a sauce that is not too overpowering. fresh cucumber/potato salad there and about 1,2,3...11 pieces of fries--absurd serving, like some little kid's leftovers.Tomato Kick: wasabi chicken burger. Hubby says it's meh. I like wasabi in my japanese but not in western shit. These chips are great though, I always find a hard time looking for Oishi wasabi chips.



seafood caesar salad--calamari, cajun shrimp popcorn basically on top of a caesar salad. This is really filling.fries, ribs, cajun shrimp and sausage and corn. fries are real good-not the frozen pre-cut ones, ribs are fall-off the bone tender but I wanted more sauce, shrimp was juicy and really flavorful.supreme pizza--italian sausage, pepperoni, peppers, mushrooms, onion and real mozzarella--crust was real chewy and crispy BUT the water from the cheese made the pie soggy which made me sad. You gotta do a little re-heating to awaken that lovely crust again.

Happy Birthday Bjork!!


Stupid Chinese(food)

Huey Ying: fish fillet in oyster sauce. looks good, yeah but bland as fuck. really can't tell if it's real fish.Huey Ying: fish fillet in sweet and sour sauce. same shit, different sauce, this actually tastes better.Not pictured was the garlic kangkong(chinese water spinach) which is really good after eating this crap. Had to eat the fish fillet with some chili oil to liven it up, but alas, it was futile.
breakfast: pospas/congee with tons of garlic bits, pepper and the ubiquitous calamansi(native lime). Never fails to hit the spot.


Dirty Ice Cream

Dinelli's hot hungarian sausage and smoked cheese of sorts with mustard in french bread--sausage was cooked in racks barbecue sauce, garlic and butter.turbo dirty ice cream, a staple street food/dessert here in cookies and cream, cheese and strawberry in a most wonderful and the biggest apa(sugar) cone at that. In ice cream standards, this is like what gelato tastes like in hell I assume, really bland and almost like a sorbet, no cream/milk etc at all. The grittier it is, the better.the french baker: steak sandwich-- done teriyaki/yakiniku style. Really good at the first few bites but struggled to finish this, so rich it kinda made me sick but the bread is awesome. Ugh, still feeling sick cos of the grease, my nape feels like there's a ton of bricks on it. When I was a kid, I would order the chicken ala king in this pastry shell all the time, their danish and croissants are cheap yet really good.


Adarna Food and Culture

Tokwa rebosado - fried tofu patties with fresh tomato salsa. Really fresh and piping hot, the salsa is refreshing as it counters the greasiness.
Ensaladang bukid--grilled eggplant, string beans, okra and tomatoes with ginisang bagoong(shrimp paste sauteed in garlic, onion and tomatoes). Greaat with rice, ask for more shrimp paste cos this is on the sweet side. Bicol Express--pork cooked in coconut milk stuffed in fried green chillies with coconut milk/curry sauce and shrimp. thought it would be spicy, considering it's cooked inside a pepper, could use a little more heat.the star of show, Piassok--a Sulu dish of beef chunks cooked slowly in smoked coconut cream and ten spices till tender - buttered, grilled and sliced just before serving. Melt in your mouth goodness, it's like a mild curry with that hint of smokiness, not too overpowering, really GOOD.Kesong Puti and Langka Fry--carabao cheese and home-sweetened langka (jackfruit) in a crisp wrapper with mango cream sauce. Too decadent, I prefer kesong puti on my pandesal bread, the langka was yummy though.



midnight snack: omelette with onion and glazed ham sandwich (love the cheapo burger bun) with tons of tabasco, my hubby cooked this :)Tomatokick: pesto pizza--glorious mounds of homemade pesto--with tons of garlic. Posted the last bitten slice of this before, now behold its whole awesomeness.Kimpura:tekka maki. just okay. not the best tuna meat. ugh, mediocrity at its best.Kimpura: chirashi--generous serving of raw fish--sashimi on top of vinegared rice-- very beautiful but I was afraid to eat it--consisted of shrimp, tuna, squid, sea cucumber, pickled veggies and some indiscernible fish. The rice was a tad too sweet.


Trick or Treat

Went trick or treating every year until I was 14, yes, for SHAME. Now, it's my kid's turn, so YAY!! Who doesn't love candy?? HAPPY HALLOWEEN!