Dirty Ice Cream

Dinelli's hot hungarian sausage and smoked cheese of sorts with mustard in french bread--sausage was cooked in racks barbecue sauce, garlic and butter.turbo dirty ice cream, a staple street food/dessert here in cookies and cream, cheese and strawberry in a most wonderful and the biggest apa(sugar) cone at that. In ice cream standards, this is like what gelato tastes like in hell I assume, really bland and almost like a sorbet, no cream/milk etc at all. The grittier it is, the better.the french baker: steak sandwich-- done teriyaki/yakiniku style. Really good at the first few bites but struggled to finish this, so rich it kinda made me sick but the bread is awesome. Ugh, still feeling sick cos of the grease, my nape feels like there's a ton of bricks on it. When I was a kid, I would order the chicken ala king in this pastry shell all the time, their danish and croissants are cheap yet really good.

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