Pot and Noodle + Takoyaki

Quick snack at Pot and Noodle, Trinoma. They boast of their famous hand-pulled noodles, and it's really worth your while, the texture is great, there's a bite to it, and it's also chewy. :)

Spicy beef noodles, truly hot, I kinda choked on my first few sips, yummy!

Oyster misua, all the while I thought it was oyster SAUCE based but they used real ones. Fresh, my hubby told me, at first whiff, I thought it was disgusting. :p

Karate Kid's takoyaki. The only place in Trinoma that sells takoyaki. It was okay, I thought it needed some kick hence the chili powder.


the folks at Paul and Joe just made lipstick a lot more fun to use: oh my! cat lipstick! pucker up and say meow! :3


NEW STUFF! wow, I've been missing out a lot. AND it looks like a big intense, long-wearing eye shadow trend is here to stay. @_@
Makeup Forever's Aqua Cream
Lancome's Ombre MagnetiqueBare Escentual's Buxom Stay-There Eye Shadow
These things, so hard to explain why one must have them amidst all the makeup arsenal one can possess(close to a professional makeup artist's)

Benefit's Posietint (already have the Benetint)
Stila Lip and Cheek Stain
Tarte LipSurgence Natural Matte Lip Stain

Tokidoki Pittura Brush Set ( I despise using brushes but this one I might SO CUUTE)


Wow, I want a nice sandwich right now, and if I could just teleport to Katz's for their pastrami and reuben (corned beef, saurkraut, swiss cheese) sandwich, I will be utterly happy. BEHOLD. but for now, these are just wishful thinking.


Oh yeah and while I'm at it, here are the 101 Best Sandwiches in New York.


I like pretty, dainty and of course, delicious sweets and pastries. Now, I don't get why we don't have any patisseries here, except maybe in hotels. French Baker? Deli France? Bread Talk? Nah. How I wish I could go to Fauchon and Laduree!
Pure awesomeness from Laduree. Macarons of ALL macarons, this is it. Caramel with salted butter is the best.

A friend of mine is in Japan for Fuji Rock Festival, and I was asking for japanese candy for him to bring home, and then he mentioned Sadaharu Aoki. Hoping he brings this home instead. *sheepish smile* The french and the japanese sure love their patisseries, every neighborhood has one. Sadaharu Aoki is the best of both worlds.

I heard that these chocolates has ganache inside of them. *drool*


Sausages + Death Sauce

Bavarian smokies in butter and Racks barbecue sauce--SO GOOD. Dip it with Blair's Jersey Death Sauce--hottest sauce out there with 360,000 Scoville units (heat meter for you). Just to give you an idea, a jalapeno has only 2,500 units. I sure love my heat hahaha


Vigan Longganisa + Fried Eggplant

Another perfect, comfort food for brunch--Vigan longganisa and daing na bangus with fried rice and fried eggplant in soy sauce---ahh this is the SHIT.

Chicken Alfredo

Chicken Alfredo at home--perfect lunch

Sumo Sam

Sumo Sam for merienda-- the prices were pretty steep but hey it was okay for me, but still, I'd choose traditional Kimpura over this.

Breakfast Okonomyaki - pancake filled with spam bits and chives drizzled with mayo and some sort of teriyaki sauce--super dense and heavy, do not underestimate this.

I'm a sucker for anything soba-- Tempura Soba, the broth is super light and refreshing, the soba just glides in your mouth, perfect!