Ninyo Fusion Cuisine

The holidays were a bit cray cray for me, in a good way. Been neglecting taking photos of food, been to K.K.K. Revolutionizing Filipino Food(the best kare-kare[beef tripe in peanut sauce, and veggies eaten with shrimp paste] ever!) and Peri Peri Charcoal Chicken(their hot sauce!! it's El Pollo Loco a gazillion times better) and both were fantastic. Alas, no photos, the food was that fucking awesome, I deliberately did not take photos. But this one, I have to post, had our anniversary dinner at Ninyo Fusion Cuisine, it reminded me of Sonya's Garden which is perfect because we had our wedding reception there three years ago. :) Ninyo serves French-Japanese fusion, which is not at all pretentious and it kinda hits home for me. The service was spot on, the food is simply divine. While enjoying our meal in silence, smiling to myself, my husband said "This totally makes me want to clap." Too good to be true, and may I add, it's also pretty affordable. :)
complimentary bread. the butter has a hint of pimiento. it was fine.amuse bouche - wasabi fried oyster with balsamic citrus mayo. I rarely eat oysters, but this one is so awesome, sweet and succulent, not greasy and yes, that is a mound of rock salt.shiitake confit salad with ponzu dressing, tofu strips and fruits. Perfectly balanced salad, the grilled shiitake is so good, I want to lick the dressing off my plate.calamansi sorbet - palate cleanser, refreshing and not too tart.chargrilled tiger prawns in spicy red pepper sauce with japanese paella and buttered edamame. oh wow, what can I say, prawns are perfectly cooked, the paella is so divine, buttery with a little wasabi kick. though I'd like my spicy red pepper sauce a little bit spicier.duo of U.S. hanging tender steak on pumpkin risoni with red wine sauce and buttered veggies and honey glazed grilled salmon on wasabi mashed potato, grilled asparagus and demi dried tomato. whew. that steak was good but the risoni is just so fucking great. wasabi mash is quite nice not too intense. just wow.burnt cream with butterscotch floss.complimentary mango pavlova. Thank you Ninyo! :)


La Piadina

La Piadina: Margherita pizza. your regular tomato and cheese pie and basil, simply yummy, and a great crust, thin, chewy and crisp. Not really into the meat lovers/everything on it kind, less is more! always loved the 3M ham and cheese pizza hahahaLa Piadina: Pasta Arabiatta. they did not hesitate on the chili oil, quite nice. a good, cheaper version of Cibo. The bread was kinda sad though.lunch at home: Vigan longganisa(garlic native sausage), sunny side up(the wet runny yolk is divine) and sinangag(stir fried rice with loads of garlic). breakfast of champions and the best cure for a hangover, I kid you not.



Yep. First week of work, pretty much zombified. another day, another nickel!
dinner at home: fried pork cutlets with calamansi and honey "glaze". the recipe calls for chicken fillets but this worked quite well also. the lime is not too acidic and the honey not too cloying.tomatokick: caramelized onion burger. i put caramelized onions in all of my burgers, so yeah, this is nice. sure hope the wedges could be more than six.mom's house: pasta with tuna, garlic in EVOO.a fucking no brainer.



Almon Marina: pastrami sandwich. Homemade potato chips. My fave sandwich of all. The hot mustard and fresh veggies makes this a most balanced, perfect sandwich.Greenwich: pepperoni. was sick since monday, so I'm on a strict pizza diet. Cheap pizza is one of my comfort foods.Magoo's: famous combination. pepperoni, italian sausage, olives, green pepper, mushrooms. I really don't mind olives in my pizza. Yep. sick week=pizza week and yes, I finished the damn thing.