Luk Foo

In true birthday fashion, I opted for a chinese lauriat. I don't know but this seemed perfect cos it's been raining and this calls for comfort, soul food. Luk Foo Cantonese Restaurant is just so underrated, they should expand their branches outside those Puregold warehouse groceries. The food is surprisingly good and there are many dishes that won't disappoint. I've dined here a good number of times and Luk Foo always brings out the quality and the quantity. Too good to be true, so just savor it.assorted cold cuts--crabsticks, asado, chicken, roast beef, century egg, pickled veggies, and pickled jellyfish!! hoisin sauce just makes everything taste good.fish fillet in cheese and butter sauce. This might not look much in its goopy goodness, but the crispy fish--subtle and smooth sauce just WOW.Yang Chow fried rice--the best in town, I swear.birthday noodles aka pansit. simple, soul food. The veggies are crisp not wilted, everything just came together perfectly. Eat this while piping hot! and how can one not like qwek qwek(quail egg deep fried in orange batter)?roast chicken. meh, this was okay.broccoli with mushrooms in oyster sauce. This might look rich, but this cleansed my palate with earthy, clean flavors. Super fresh, I love munching on this one.Salt and Pepper spareribs and squid. Both are fried to perfection. This is the star of our lauriat. The garlic/chili bits are so addicting. Everyone should order this.Mapo Tofu. not spicy at all, what gives?? :(shrimp balls. Deep fried goodness and like the size of a tennis ball, I thought it just contained a single shrimp and some extenders. Boy was I wrong.Shrimp ball cross section. Minced shrimp inside--so juicy and hot, really dense. Simply awesome. This made me smile.


Patchi and IKEA chocolates

Patchi--one pound of Belgian chocolate bonbon goodness--milk chocolate with hazelnut croquant, milk chocolate with roasted coffee beans, dark chocolate with dark chocolate cream, milk chocolate with hazelnut, pistachio, chocolate cream, almond pieces and crisped rice etc. I kinda regretted eating the one with coffee beans cos I know it would really help with my insomnia spells.Patchino Chocolates--Patchi's kiddie collectionEt Voila!
IKEA Chocolates-Dark, Hazelnut and Milk--love the packaging


Homemade Macarons

lunch at home: cucumber salad in vinegar and black pepper, pinakbet veggies (in shrimp paste etc), spicy chicken fillet and corn egg drop soupTomatokick: Pesto Pizza--seriously yummy, I think the pesto is homemade(not really a fan of pesto but THIS I love)and the garlic a tad too much, just the way I like it. Downside--I hate it when pita bread is used as a substitute pizza crust, sigh.Homemade orange-chocolate macarons: made from scratch, these taste better than the ones from Bizu, really. FLOWERY good. A fucking awesome birthday gift. ;)Homemade orange-chocolate macarons: just take a look at that. WOW.


Banapple and my favorite ulam

Banapple: glazed almond and carrot loaf. simple and yummy, I think this would go well with coffee/tea and some marmalade and cream.Banapple: cheese and mushroom pie. This thing weighs like a baby's head. Filled with creamy goodness, the pastry dough is sweet and not too flaky. This pie can feed three people and that's awesome for something that costs P65!dinner at home: naked molo soup with shrimp and misua. Naked? we ran out of molo wrappers so they're technically shrimp balls, still as good. Oily and hot, this is perfect for cold weather. I love how the misua noodles slip and slide when I try to eat it!dinner at home: camaron rebosado (fried shrimp in light batter) with sweet chili sauce. Obviously my favorite, this one closely resembles the ones at the original Savory.


Bagnet and Drunk Food

dinner at home: bagnet fresh from Ilocos Sur! Twice fried, deep fried pork meat and its fat... we have this at least once a week (seriously) pair this up with spiced vinegar+soy sauce+garlic and onions and chili peppers as dipping sauce, OH YEAH.Putong Queso: these little rice cupcakes overloaded with cheese are so addictive!Tomatokick: Beef with Mushroom. The meat is tender, there are loads of onion and mushrooms and butter in that gravy-like sauce. The dish was so rich that you need another cup of rice to soak up all that sauce. Really delicious. People order this all the time, I knew I was missing out on this one!



Now what the fuck are you waiting for??

Muji in Manila!!


Muji is located at Bonifacio High Street (on top of Gap)
photo from 8tokyo.com
Now, if only they can transform the Gap below into Cafe/Meal Muji


Kowloon House and Pares

Kowloon House: Ubiquitous dimsum and mami stall open 24/7. Siopao Bola-Bola Hong Kong style with that lovely red pepper sauce, without this, this pao is NAKED. I simply love this.PARES PARES: Pares=also braised beef brisket in chinese cuisine, remember that sweet, anise flavor? Served with fried rice or garlic rice, clear soup and I don't get why they give calamansi(local lime) and chili paste--these are usually served with mami(local noodles) and siomai but that will have to be another post. Hands down, one of my favorite after-boozing food. But this is the worst pares ever. Why does it have pork in it?? And can you see that fat and litid(ligament)? This should melt in the mouth. Sigh. Was too woozy to take photos of all the pares I ate, and when I decide to, well, this happens.


Choco Mallows

Remember this? This was considered a luxury when I was a kid, why? Cos I had to share with my other snotty siblings, that's why. But I never did tire of them and I'll gorge on them every time I get a chance to. You see, one is never enough.
YES, you know those lovely things wrapped in foil? I got a whole bag of these WITHOUT that damn foil. Thanks, Mom! :D
cross section, what a beaut.


Shakey's and Gising-Gising

Tomatokick: Gising-Gising (loosely translated as Wake up, Wake up)a dish named like this obviously connotes a certain heat level. It is pleasantly spicy(at least for me), served on a sizzling plate. Usually eaten as pulutan (bar food)--squid, tofu, tahong(local clams), green bell peppers, mushrooms and loads of sili(Thai chili peppers)!! I just hate it when the smoke goes all up in your face and sticks to your clothes.Cheese pizza: the simple things are always divine. side salad, half a hero sandwich and chicken: what can I say? it is what it is.


Good Burgers and Congee

Good Burgers: Salsa Mex chicken burger, salsa with whiz and their hot sauce--so awesome, girly size though, the root beer makes this even more incendiary.Brunch: Pospas/Congee with shredded chicken, egg and garlic bits. This hits the spot, my ultimate comfort food, tastes like home in a bowl.


Pinoy Frittata

My husband whipped up an awesome breakfast inspired by Man V Food: hotdogs, potato, onions, butter and crumbled Vigan Longganisa(native garlic sausage)in scrambled egg! This frittata needs no spices or salt and pepper, the longganisa totally made this super flavorful and smoky. I love my hubby to bits.


Drunk Food

Whenever I go out to drink, I rarely appreciate let alone notice how GOOD my bar food is. I'm not a big fan of pulutan while drinking (it ruins my buzz) although I love eating it without the drinks. This will be a long series of meals eaten before/during/after drinks.
Tomatokick: Seafood Marinara. what can I say? Tex-Mex/Italian goodness, servings are huge, the food is fresh, oh that's why I'm here every week.Sarah's: Pizza- I love pinoy pizza--tomato sauce kinda sweet, cheese is quickmelt, and LOADS of toppings. If you're from UP Diliman you'll know where is and what goes on at Sarah's. ;)