Banapple and my favorite ulam

Banapple: glazed almond and carrot loaf. simple and yummy, I think this would go well with coffee/tea and some marmalade and cream.Banapple: cheese and mushroom pie. This thing weighs like a baby's head. Filled with creamy goodness, the pastry dough is sweet and not too flaky. This pie can feed three people and that's awesome for something that costs P65!dinner at home: naked molo soup with shrimp and misua. Naked? we ran out of molo wrappers so they're technically shrimp balls, still as good. Oily and hot, this is perfect for cold weather. I love how the misua noodles slip and slide when I try to eat it!dinner at home: camaron rebosado (fried shrimp in light batter) with sweet chili sauce. Obviously my favorite, this one closely resembles the ones at the original Savory.

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