Bagnet and Drunk Food

dinner at home: bagnet fresh from Ilocos Sur! Twice fried, deep fried pork meat and its fat... we have this at least once a week (seriously) pair this up with spiced vinegar+soy sauce+garlic and onions and chili peppers as dipping sauce, OH YEAH.Putong Queso: these little rice cupcakes overloaded with cheese are so addictive!Tomatokick: Beef with Mushroom. The meat is tender, there are loads of onion and mushrooms and butter in that gravy-like sauce. The dish was so rich that you need another cup of rice to soak up all that sauce. Really delicious. People order this all the time, I knew I was missing out on this one!


  1. love bagnet. and you have a great blog.

  2. one can never tire of bagnet. thank you aloysius! :D