Luk Foo

In true birthday fashion, I opted for a chinese lauriat. I don't know but this seemed perfect cos it's been raining and this calls for comfort, soul food. Luk Foo Cantonese Restaurant is just so underrated, they should expand their branches outside those Puregold warehouse groceries. The food is surprisingly good and there are many dishes that won't disappoint. I've dined here a good number of times and Luk Foo always brings out the quality and the quantity. Too good to be true, so just savor it.assorted cold cuts--crabsticks, asado, chicken, roast beef, century egg, pickled veggies, and pickled jellyfish!! hoisin sauce just makes everything taste good.fish fillet in cheese and butter sauce. This might not look much in its goopy goodness, but the crispy fish--subtle and smooth sauce just WOW.Yang Chow fried rice--the best in town, I swear.birthday noodles aka pansit. simple, soul food. The veggies are crisp not wilted, everything just came together perfectly. Eat this while piping hot! and how can one not like qwek qwek(quail egg deep fried in orange batter)?roast chicken. meh, this was okay.broccoli with mushrooms in oyster sauce. This might look rich, but this cleansed my palate with earthy, clean flavors. Super fresh, I love munching on this one.Salt and Pepper spareribs and squid. Both are fried to perfection. This is the star of our lauriat. The garlic/chili bits are so addicting. Everyone should order this.Mapo Tofu. not spicy at all, what gives?? :(shrimp balls. Deep fried goodness and like the size of a tennis ball, I thought it just contained a single shrimp and some extenders. Boy was I wrong.Shrimp ball cross section. Minced shrimp inside--so juicy and hot, really dense. Simply awesome. This made me smile.

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