Cutest Candy

Photo by OhJoyEats
THIS. IS. KILLER. I just died when I saw this. Well, who couldn't resist candy? :p

I used to collect erasers when I was in grade school, my tin pencil case (you know, with the removable layer) would consist of a couple of pens and a ruler or a pencil, and the second layer would be all erasers. I would shell out P80-P150 for one Sanrio eraser at Gift Gate, this was when all the stuff from Gift Gate were all from Japan. I miss it. And then this mini eraser version comes along, 15 years too late, well, I just had to buy them for my kid, and of course, she likes them as well. :)

hmm I really don't groom my eyebrows cos they're already thin and if I did, I'd look like an asian chola but aren't these heart tweezers from Essensuelle soo adorable?

Ling Nam

We were meaning to go to Ersao but it rained like hell and we all slept in so we ordered from Ling Nam just around the corner. The beef+wanton noodles were not so great, I like the texture but the broth was oily and bland. We also ordered some beef hofan noodles which is awesome, although quite perplexing cos of the smokiness of the noodles, and the "pipa" tofu--it's only minced shrimp and tofu balls with some weird sauce which I have mistaken for some eggdrop soup. Chinese food is always comforting.



Cyma for dinner, yes, greek food.

First off was the Saganaki--flaming cheese with EVOO and basil, this was okay. You have to eat it fast or else the cheese will stick to the pan or worse, the roof of your mouth.

This salad was great--capers, olives, feta, that Greek sludge of a dressing, bow-tie pasta, the greens provide that fresh crunch. I ate a lot of this.

I ordered this chicken souvlaki--greek style shish-kabobs. It was okay, the white sauce was a bit bland for me. Looks great but I'd prefer the stuff from Ababu.