An 8.9 earthquake hit Japan last March 11, Friday, followed by a devastating tsunami. The news shook me so bad, it's like this nightmare. Truly disturbing. This is the worst thing that happened in Japan since WWII. Tsunami warnings and aftershocks still plague Sendai, Miyagi, and Fukushima prefectures in North Eastern Japan as we speak. My heart goes out to you, Japan. We're sending out all the love and prayers from your brothers and sisters here in the Philippines.


Gayuma ni Maria

twisted pavlova. reminds me of Alba's canonigo and that dulce de leche syrup is delish, I like the weird-colored pink whipped cream, the fruits are refreshing.
beats sex any day. decadent chocolate cake with cream and butterscotch and chocolate syrup. it's good, but they shouldn't have named it beats sex any day, more like, beats Goldilocks any day, wasn't blown away. Xocolat's brownies beats sex any day. Hah.eat up, snow white. apple pie with cream. served piping hot, this is truly awesome, I love the crunchy apples and crispy brown sugar crumble and crust, gooey, crunchy and crispy, the texture on this one is great, will come back just for this. :)


Kanin Club

kanin club: crispy dinuguan(blood soup). why crispy? they used liempo(deep fried pork) instead of the usual innards. it's quite good but I prefer the more soupy, sour kind of dinuguan even if I only eat the soup with hot rice. :p yes, that's a big chili pepper on top.dinner at mom's: sukiyaki, pansit(stir-fried noodles with veggies), bagoong(fermented shrimp paste) rice with burong mangga(pickled mangoes) and some porkchop. this sukiyaki just hits home for me, and I love the burong mangga bits with my bagoong rice.shakey's: "hand-tossed" shakey's special. nice crust on this one, crispy and chewy, it rivals their famous thin crust.