Kanin Club

kanin club: crispy dinuguan(blood soup). why crispy? they used liempo(deep fried pork) instead of the usual innards. it's quite good but I prefer the more soupy, sour kind of dinuguan even if I only eat the soup with hot rice. :p yes, that's a big chili pepper on top.dinner at mom's: sukiyaki, pansit(stir-fried noodles with veggies), bagoong(fermented shrimp paste) rice with burong mangga(pickled mangoes) and some porkchop. this sukiyaki just hits home for me, and I love the burong mangga bits with my bagoong rice.shakey's: "hand-tossed" shakey's special. nice crust on this one, crispy and chewy, it rivals their famous thin crust.

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