Atsu Atsu Ramen

atsu bun. it's pork with special sauce, with lettuce, mayo and some peanuts in a kuapao bun. the meat just melts--sweet and succulent with a tangy mayo dressing, it's just pure perfection.Miso ramen set for two. Includes, gyoza, salad of shredded cabbage with a sesame/miso dressing, kankuni buns(next photo) and fruit. they say it's for two, I say it's for three. The ramen has two slices of simmered pork, shitaake mushrooms, boiled egg, veggies, seaweed and naruto. The soup was okay, it's not rich, it's straightforward shoyu based soup. I just wish the egg was tamago--the marinated ones with golden gooey yolky goodness and the pork was hard not the-melt-in-your-mouth kind.The egg noodles have great texture, I just want to shove everything in my mouth. It was still great for its price, which I think is quite a steal. The gyoza was wonderful, it didn't have too much leeks.katsudon with miso soup. perfectly done, the rice used was the sticky kind, the meat was properly coated and fried, it didn't have that yucky eggy aftertaste, like something is rotten. not so greasy, and no, the miso soup served with this dish isn't the same with our ramen.agedashi tofu. the lightest version I've ever tasted, fresh and not too cloying, with extra grated ginger.

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  1. they serve really good ramen soups! :)