Pho Hoa

a quick afternoon snack at Pho Hoa. Now, would you still want to eat at Mann Hann(overrated Chinese resto where people fall in line for, the service is horrid and the food is so-so)? Guess not. So glad I live in Southeast Asia where food is as delicious as this.

Wonderful mint leaves, lemon wedge + Sriracha + Hoisin for my soup.

The plain rice noodles goes great with the charred bits of barbecue.

THIS is great tofu, peppers, mushrooms and minced meat, YUM.


Korean Vogue circa 2007. I plan on cutting my hair like this. Hubby says it will look good on me. My mom will think otherwise.

Graduation is coming up, and for my creative shot, my peg is, of course, Bjork. I really do like her music, not just because many people think I'm her doppelganger. :)


Royce' Chocolates

HAPPY HEARTS DAY! Royce' Chocolates is love. These are way better than getting flowers. :p

Nama Chocolate in Mild Cacao


Kiss the Cook

had dinner with my hubby at Kiss the Cook Cafe, hayy, they never fail to make my sour mood turn into sheer joy. :D Hubby ordered Moroccan Fish Fillet with brown rice, and I the 5-spice Asian Spareribs which is very spicy, the chopped chillies and garlic are so wonderfully hot!

I took a little trip to Royce' Chocolates and got a box of coconut baton cookies, so light and rich and yummy. :))


Nata Love

Wow, I dreamt of this dessert, it looks so GOOD. Thai people are awesome.
Coolest Crafted Coconut
And another great thing from Thailand, I'm so obsessed with this drink right now, it contains bits of nata de coco which is so yummy, I just love that texture.


Mary Grace Cafe + Royce'

2 weeks without internet, cos some damn cats messed up our antenna etc. REALLY. Anyhoo. Midterms, a couple of gigs next week, kinda worried. >_<"
Prawn salad with mango-papaya vinaigrette from Mary Grace Cafe, and grilled chicken with tomato concasse on couscous, wonderful meal, I love the cashews and dates in my couscous. :)

Oh and this decadent creamy milk chocolate bar from Royce' Chocolates. Can finish this in one sitting. Will try the black and rum raisin bars next time.