I was so tired yesterday, so for dinner I rewarded my self with cold soba from Kimpura. :3

My hubby got this beef ramen which is so good.


Pino + Kiss the Cook

This month was a bit lazy and slow for me so, I ate. I really want a proper desk job, this freelancing work is too erratic for me, I want a proper schedule.

Pino Resto Bar
, one of my favorites mainly for their flavored beer (it's just San Mig light with strawberry/passion fruit/watermelon syrup), the food is modern Filipino but I like the vegetarian dishes best.

Tofu stack with mushroom rice. What can I say, I love the rice, the tofu is just, you know, tofu. If I go up a flight of stairs, I'm sure I'll get hungry again after eating this.

Jobi got the Fried Tofu and Eggplant in coconut milk rice topping, it's really yummy.

Shrimp and Pork Kebabs with chili sauce. The chili sauce is quite mild, but I love the charred flavor to this.

Another favorite of mine, you know, when you want something pseudo fancy for brunch or early dinner before you go drinking, Kiss the Cook also has a mix of modern Filipino dishes with Asian and Italian fare.

Mini spanakopitas with spinach and feta in roasted garlic aioli - it's okay I guess, too much spinach, I wanted it to have more cheese.

Jobi got this blue marlin deli sandwich with plantain chips, I got a Spanish panini with Salchichon and hot mustard (not shown), quite good but the bread was burnt and some of my panini got scraped off, and the filling was showing. It looked pretty dismal. But nonetheless, quite good.

The Trufette - Dark chocolate gelato nugget topped with cherries and Bailey’s cream, nice texture, really yummy, but the liquor got to me so I let Jobi finish it, :)


Went to the beach over the weekend, Puerto Galera is awesome, we stayed away from White Beach and Sabang where the party crowd's at. Muelle is a beautiful cove-- lots of dive sites and a yacht club as well. There's an unusual sandbar that connects to Boquete island and its secluded beaches. This is what I love about my country, beaches are just a few hours away from Manila, and not just any beach, but the most beautiful ones. :) Man, I love Pilipinas!

The sandbar is pretty wide see?

Fridays, Boquete Island