Covergirl's Outlast Lipstain: I totally swear by it, lasts all day AND you won't have that lip skin and lipstick gunk in the sides of your mouth(GROSS) think of it as a Stabilo highlighter pen. ;)


Sandy Strawberry

Baked these a while ago, Ana's sandy strawberry thumbprint cookies. Why are my cookies always sandy? They taste like a cross between shortbread and biscotti. :/ Well, have a MERRY FATTY CHRISTMAS!!


Van Gogh is Bipolar

I went to this new art cafe a couple of months ago called Van Gogh is Bipolar. Really amusing place, and the food is good. :) I plan to visit again SOON.
photo courtesy of VGIB
I had this guava-mango organic tea first (they let you choose your teapot etc.)

I ordered these hot cherry potatoes with a kind of balsamic reduction which is really yummy, and vegetable, spinach and whole wheat pasta
sautéed in virgin olive oil, garlic and onions in Salmon - Basil - Sauce--the pasta is so yummy.

photo courtesy of VGIB
And for dessert: this had to be the most interesting dessert I ever tasted,it's a piece of chocolate with toasted almonds and fruits laced with vodka, oh it also contains dried mango, my favorite. But the best part of it was the thinnest of slice of green apple, soaked in vodka sprinkled with a bit of chili pepper, this was a flambe by the way. So weird, but so ruled. :D


Five Cows

Had dinner at an ice cream store called 5 Cows... I must say, they have the best Margherita pizza. That's all I ever order from there, not really a fan of their ice cream. :O



Loving Royce' chocolates!! I will try the Nama Chocolate soon. The BEST potato chips ever--so yummy, salty+chocolatey sweet, I plan to make some of my own. :p


Pot Roast

Our house help is away so my husband and I made dinner: Pot Roast with ginger, peppers and potatoes and Spaghettini Carbonara with potatoes and maple-syrup bacon. Pardon my phone camera, I should buy a DSLR. :/
These are super yummy to look at and wear.

I've been obsessed with these tiny tubes of lip balm. These are so yummy and usually I hate reapplying lip products but this one I love.