Conti's: strawberry shortcake. dry as hell. that chiffon tasted like the mamon from the bakery across the street. pound cake would be better than chiffon.bonbons! the silver ones are garden-biscuit, white chocolate with coconut and the dark brown ones are rondnoir-darck chocolate. YUMMEHcross-section of ferrero rondnoir dark - smooth center with dark chocolate sprinklesclose-up of ferrero garden-biscuit, creamy white chocolate center, coconut bits and almond. not a fan of anything white chocolate,but this was exquisite, the coconut, almond and biscuit went great together.shangri-la: macaron, opera cake, brownie with ganache and a fruit tart. i live for shit like these.


Kitaro and Mei Hua Pot and Noodle House

Kitaro Sushi: tofu with shitaake and peppers. tofu is silky inside and crispy out. the sauce is a tad too sweet for me, best eaten with hot rice.lunch at home: fucking awesome barbecue. equal parts moist, succulent, charred, spicy, sweet and tender.Mei Hua Pot and Noodle House: Satay beef with kangkong. best eaten piping hot, really yummy but didn't taste of peanuts.Mei Hua Pot and Noodle House: hot and sour noodles. they made everything on the menu at P99. they boast of their famous hand-pulled noodles but the noodles tasted normal. i'd pay the original price to make this chewy, fresh, and snappy again. sigh.


Baja Mexican Cantina and Greens

Baja Mexican Cantina: carne asada nachos. heaps of sour cream, too sparse on the meat and salsa. Without the sour cream, this would totally suck.I don't like the cheap containers.Baja Mexican Cantina: mexican burrito. Hmmm. It doesn't taste fresh. It seems re-heated? An episode of Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares suddenly comes to mind. Maybe Mexicali would be a better option. Sigh.Greens Vegetarian Restaurant and Cafe: barbecue with brown rice. good LORD. this dish is a total mindfuck. the barbecue tastes good but I know it's gluten, but really you almost can't tell. And the rice. This is different from the other brown rice I've tried. Its texture is of oatmeal, bran, roughage fuck, the stuff that horses eat. After eating this meal, it totally weirded me out cos it's like I ate air and dandelion roots. Like nothing ever hit the bottom of my tummy. Man, so surreal.Sicilian Express: lasagna. it was okayy. something you'd eat when your neighbor sends you over their leftovers from their party you weren't invited in. the focaccia was awesome though.


holidaze detox

bicol express: bicol is a province where they like their food deliciously hot, this dish is made up of coconut milk, chopped up chilies(LOADS of it), shrimp paste and ground meat. I can eat this everyday.roasted chilies: plain, charred one should eat this with--chopped up tomatoes with red onion and bagoong (fermented fish paste) which is totally different with alamang, also a kind of bagoong(fermented shrimp paste)


Gelatone and Orange Swits

Orange Swits: had these when I was a kid and yep, the ones the yosi boys sell during traffic. They also sell boxes of these at your nearest grocery. Such joy. And nostalgia.Ritter Sport: my latest candy bar obsession. Mini versions of yogurt, fine chocolate (35% cacao), praline, dark chocolate in marzipan, butter biscuit, chopped hazelnuts and my all-time favorite, cornflakes. always preferred german over belgian chocs.Gelatone: I think this is the best tasting gelato in metro manila. Tasted the watermelon and the bitter chocolate ones, really ultra creamy and it's doesn't melt away fast like the other "gelato" I've tasted.



These are just a few photos I took of everything I've eaten during the holidays. Trolololololo.
"light" post christmas dinner: majestic ham + lettuce, tomato, onion in honey mustard dressing + garlic butter and Vigan longganisa(native garlic sausage) pasta in olive oil. My mom wanted to take a break from all the rich food but nope, this ain't light at all.Anthon Berg chocolate liqueurs with original spirits: bottle-shaped chocs with alcohol in 'em-Jack Daniel's, Cutty Sark, etc. yeah, it's good. I suggest you swallow 'em whole rather than bite it or else the liqueur will ooze out.Rowena's strawberry cheesecake tarts from Tagaytay: really, really good. rich, creamy cheese and gooey strawberry.Rowena's chocolate mousse tarts from Tagaytay: looks like shit but really decadent, it's proper chocolate mousse. Ube(purple yam) and buko(coconut) tarts below.new year's eve dinner: pasta salad/horiatiki with pasta, sourdough, Dinelli's pastrami, some swiss/chili cheese, embutido(meatloaf with hardboiled egg, peas, raisins and chorizo) and hot chocolate!!