Baja Mexican Cantina and Greens

Baja Mexican Cantina: carne asada nachos. heaps of sour cream, too sparse on the meat and salsa. Without the sour cream, this would totally suck.I don't like the cheap containers.Baja Mexican Cantina: mexican burrito. Hmmm. It doesn't taste fresh. It seems re-heated? An episode of Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares suddenly comes to mind. Maybe Mexicali would be a better option. Sigh.Greens Vegetarian Restaurant and Cafe: barbecue with brown rice. good LORD. this dish is a total mindfuck. the barbecue tastes good but I know it's gluten, but really you almost can't tell. And the rice. This is different from the other brown rice I've tried. Its texture is of oatmeal, bran, roughage fuck, the stuff that horses eat. After eating this meal, it totally weirded me out cos it's like I ate air and dandelion roots. Like nothing ever hit the bottom of my tummy. Man, so surreal.Sicilian Express: lasagna. it was okayy. something you'd eat when your neighbor sends you over their leftovers from their party you weren't invited in. the focaccia was awesome though.

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