These are just a few photos I took of everything I've eaten during the holidays. Trolololololo.
"light" post christmas dinner: majestic ham + lettuce, tomato, onion in honey mustard dressing + garlic butter and Vigan longganisa(native garlic sausage) pasta in olive oil. My mom wanted to take a break from all the rich food but nope, this ain't light at all.Anthon Berg chocolate liqueurs with original spirits: bottle-shaped chocs with alcohol in 'em-Jack Daniel's, Cutty Sark, etc. yeah, it's good. I suggest you swallow 'em whole rather than bite it or else the liqueur will ooze out.Rowena's strawberry cheesecake tarts from Tagaytay: really, really good. rich, creamy cheese and gooey strawberry.Rowena's chocolate mousse tarts from Tagaytay: looks like shit but really decadent, it's proper chocolate mousse. Ube(purple yam) and buko(coconut) tarts below.new year's eve dinner: pasta salad/horiatiki with pasta, sourdough, Dinelli's pastrami, some swiss/chili cheese, embutido(meatloaf with hardboiled egg, peas, raisins and chorizo) and hot chocolate!!

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