Kitaro and Mei Hua Pot and Noodle House

Kitaro Sushi: tofu with shitaake and peppers. tofu is silky inside and crispy out. the sauce is a tad too sweet for me, best eaten with hot rice.lunch at home: fucking awesome barbecue. equal parts moist, succulent, charred, spicy, sweet and tender.Mei Hua Pot and Noodle House: Satay beef with kangkong. best eaten piping hot, really yummy but didn't taste of peanuts.Mei Hua Pot and Noodle House: hot and sour noodles. they made everything on the menu at P99. they boast of their famous hand-pulled noodles but the noodles tasted normal. i'd pay the original price to make this chewy, fresh, and snappy again. sigh.

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