Kowloon House and Pares

Kowloon House: Ubiquitous dimsum and mami stall open 24/7. Siopao Bola-Bola Hong Kong style with that lovely red pepper sauce, without this, this pao is NAKED. I simply love this.PARES PARES: Pares=also braised beef brisket in chinese cuisine, remember that sweet, anise flavor? Served with fried rice or garlic rice, clear soup and I don't get why they give calamansi(local lime) and chili paste--these are usually served with mami(local noodles) and siomai but that will have to be another post. Hands down, one of my favorite after-boozing food. But this is the worst pares ever. Why does it have pork in it?? And can you see that fat and litid(ligament)? This should melt in the mouth. Sigh. Was too woozy to take photos of all the pares I ate, and when I decide to, well, this happens.

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