I like pretty, dainty and of course, delicious sweets and pastries. Now, I don't get why we don't have any patisseries here, except maybe in hotels. French Baker? Deli France? Bread Talk? Nah. How I wish I could go to Fauchon and Laduree!
Pure awesomeness from Laduree. Macarons of ALL macarons, this is it. Caramel with salted butter is the best.

A friend of mine is in Japan for Fuji Rock Festival, and I was asking for japanese candy for him to bring home, and then he mentioned Sadaharu Aoki. Hoping he brings this home instead. *sheepish smile* The french and the japanese sure love their patisseries, every neighborhood has one. Sadaharu Aoki is the best of both worlds.

I heard that these chocolates has ganache inside of them. *drool*

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