Adarna Food and Culture

Tokwa rebosado - fried tofu patties with fresh tomato salsa. Really fresh and piping hot, the salsa is refreshing as it counters the greasiness.
Ensaladang bukid--grilled eggplant, string beans, okra and tomatoes with ginisang bagoong(shrimp paste sauteed in garlic, onion and tomatoes). Greaat with rice, ask for more shrimp paste cos this is on the sweet side. Bicol Express--pork cooked in coconut milk stuffed in fried green chillies with coconut milk/curry sauce and shrimp. thought it would be spicy, considering it's cooked inside a pepper, could use a little more heat.the star of show, Piassok--a Sulu dish of beef chunks cooked slowly in smoked coconut cream and ten spices till tender - buttered, grilled and sliced just before serving. Melt in your mouth goodness, it's like a mild curry with that hint of smokiness, not too overpowering, really GOOD.Kesong Puti and Langka Fry--carabao cheese and home-sweetened langka (jackfruit) in a crisp wrapper with mango cream sauce. Too decadent, I prefer kesong puti on my pandesal bread, the langka was yummy though.

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