Holy Cow

Hmm had lunch at Holy Cow, first time I laid eyes on this resto, looks like I'm just gonna waste my time and burn money on crappy food. My hunch proved to be right. Le sigh. Wish we could have eaten at reliable Pho Hoa.
Rolls on the house--meh.
Barbecue pulled beef sandwich. Kinda reminded me of asado siopao
Norwegian salmon with some sort of bbq sauce, honestly, not a fan of salmon. I prefer gravlax
grilled shrimp on pesto pasta etc. Me thinks they used regular cooking oil here, not olive oil. No garlic at all, disgusting
Australian Prime Rib with shallot rice and some regular lookin gravy, medium rare. I think they grilled this under a gas not wood/charcoal grill. Kinda weird.
to forget that meal--the most awesome local flavor yet--DRUMSTICK LOADED

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